What's in My Energy Drink?

When finding an energy drink that met my personal standards proved impossible, I decided to make my own.

My vision was to create a pretty, entirely plant-based powder that would easily mix together without clumps or chalkiness.The drink needed to be made with ingredients I already knew, or at least things I could easily understand after a quick Google search. And it had to be available in a fun variety of unique and delicious flavors that didn’t taste artificial. I also wanted the drink to encourage people to drink more water-- hence, the 16 ounces you mix per scoop. 

More so, I knew what I didn’t want in the drink. I wanted a lower caffeine content. I didn’t want to include added sugar, but I also didn’t want the drink to have the strong aftertaste of the alternative sugars on the market. It was also really important to me that we leave silica (glass) or silicone dioxide out of bia blends. So when it came to choosing a moisture-pulling packet for the bag, we opted for the clay version rather than the usual silica ones. 

When I started creating bia, we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, I was taking a lot of pills each day, including vitamin C for immunity and b12 to supplement my vegetarian diet. I wanted a better way to get everything I needed, so I decided to incorporate those two vitamins into the drink, as well as l-theanine and other b-vitamins for energy.

Each and every ingredient in bia has been thoughtfully curated with the body in mind. To learn more about how and why I chose each individual ingredient, check out the ingredient blogs.


All of our ingredients have been chosen intentionally to make bia both delicious and good for you! Learn about each of the benefits by selecting an ingredient below.