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bia is a gentle preworkout & b-vitamin energy drink

no added sugar, no animal products, just intentional ingredients you can trust

80 mg of caffeine per serving

caffeine-free version available now!

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sustainable energy using healthy ingredients that are good for your body, and it won't mess with your sleep!

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Reviews + Testimonials
"They are delicious!! Incredible job. I didn't drink enough to feel the caffeine effect with baby, but I would happily drink that in the afternoons for a pick me up.“
— Alex
“I didn’t feel jittery after drinking and there wasn’t any crash later in the day.”
— Taylor
“Loved it, and enjoyed that it was sweet but not too sweet.”
— Olivia
Felt amazing less than 1 hour after drink and continued several hours after.”
— Leah
“My favorite mix! Dissolved well and didn’t taste chemically like other berry drink flavors I’ve had.”
— Pakelody