sample pack


Not sure which flavor is for you? Try our sample pack! The sample pack includes 6 single serve packets of each bia boost flavor - perfect for trying out all of our flavors! The sample pack includes two Basic Berry packets, two Tropical Tease packets, and two packets of Ginger Glow. Use as a pre-workout, midday boost, or anytime you need a natural energy boost with light caffeine.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Made with high quality local ingredients, and no added sugar.

Each single serve packet has a small clay packet to help absorb moisture and keep the product fresh. Remove it before pouring!

How to Use
Mix 1 packet of powder with 16 oz cold water, shake until powder dissolves, then enjoy!

80 mg caffeine per serving

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for on the go!!

I bought the sample pack for traveling. Super convenient and doesn’t take up much room in my bags.

Gina Southern
Natural Energy with No Jitters!

I rarely drink caffeine as I have nervous system issues along with anxiety and most drinks with caffeine give me jitters, I talk a mile a minute, and I can't sleep. But not with bia! I have zero jitters, no crash, no sleep disruption. Finally, an energy drink/pre-workout that is gentle! Plus it tastes delicious, my hydration has improved, and there is no added sugar! Woohoo!