What is bia and how do I use it?

bia is a gentle energy drink. What we mean by gentle, is in comparison to other energy drinks and pre workouts bia will not be taxing on your body. The caffeine amount in bia is 80 mg. A typical cup of coffee is 95 mg of caffeine. (Most energy drinks have 150-250 mg of caffeine) We add l-theanine (an amino acid) with the caffeine, and that combination improves attention and focus. The calming properties from the l-theanine can help counteract the jittery, anxious feeling and the crash that is typically associated with caffeine.
Our drinks base is coconut water powder, making it not only energy-boosting, but hydrating. There are 7 different b-vitamins (including b12), vitamin C, MCTs (from coconut), a little added fiber (maltodextrin), and sweetened with a cross between Monkfruit and Stevia. No added sugar, and bia is vegan.

Our favorite time to drink bia (if we had to pick one) is in the afternoon, as a pick-me-up - instead of reaching for that second or third coffee. It also works great as a jitter-free pre workout.

How bia was born

After 15 years of crash dieting, taking supplements and pre-workouts, and consuming extremely unhealthy media on a daily basis, I realized that my body and mind were suffering. So I began searching for products that would both fuel and nourish my body. But I didn’t want just any energy product; it had to align with my values. I knew two things for sure: a)  I wanted to cultivate a fitness space filled with products that are actually good for you, and b) I was so over toxic fitness messaging. I was no longer interested in products that focused solely on elite performance or false promises of weight loss. 

In a marketplace flooded with extreme pre-workout powders, energy drinks and protein shakes, there was a glaring lack of what I wanted most: a healthy, pick-me-up beverage that energized me without the crash and provided my body with real, nourishing vitamins. When I couldn’t find anything close to this, I developed my own, and bia blends was born. 

But even more important than having the perfect beverage option to share with you, I’m on a mission to help others reclaim their definitions of health and success so that we can all live in alignment with our individual and personal understandings of what these terms mean to us. 

Please join me in supporting all people and those in need to love themselves for who they are, in this moment, at their core, rather than who someone else thinks they should be. Let’s celebrate love, movement, hard work, individuality and living life at the pace that we know is best for ourselves. Together we can strive for growth, strength and inner peace. 

I would love to hear about your personal journey. You are invited to join my community on instagram @biablends

Founder and President

Cassie Mazie

Cassie Mazie is the Founder and President of bia BLENDS, a wellness company creating drinks that both fuel and nourish bodies without the excess caffeine and harmful ingredients. Through bia blends, Cassie is on a mission to help people reclaim their definition of 'healthy' and live in alignment with that individual, and deeply personal, understanding.

Previously an Applied Behavioral Analyst, Cassie became passionate about health after struggling with years of over-caffeinating and overexercising in response to society’s toxic beauty culture. Wanting to rewrite her own story of health, Cassie started looking for ways to fuel her body without all the excess caffeine, midday jitters and evening brain fog. When she couldn’t find a good alternative on the market, Cassie created bia blends.

In addition to her work as an Applied Behavioral Analyst with a focus on supporting children with autism, Cassie spent several years as COO of Uplift  (formerly Pressure Point Creative).

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